Combining Seasonal Styles: Transitional Dressing

Fashionista Trends

Fashion trends are influenced by many factors. For example, famous cultural personalities can inspire a new style. These trends can also be based on current events.

The peak stage of a trend happens when it becomes popularized in media. Fashion bloggers can be especially influential in this process. Chiara Ferragni, for example, wore a military-inspired look that became an instant hit and inspired other designers to follow suit.

Transitional dressing

One of the most important fashionista trends is transitional dressing, a strategy that allows you to combine new seasonal fads with your existing wardrobe. This can be done by using simple style tips that will keep you looking fashionable throughout the season. For example, you can wear a light dress during warmer weather, and then use tights and boots to add warmth for cooler temperatures.

The first step in transitional dressing is finding out what the latest fads are. This can be done by reading top fashion magazines or visiting trend-spotting websites. You can also look at the runways to see what styles will be popular in the coming months.

It’s a good idea to invest in a few staple pieces that can be worn year-round, such as a denim jacket. This can be worn over a dress or even over a blouse. This way, you’ll be able to transition from warm weather to cold weather effortlessly.

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