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Barbie Fashionista 59 – Dream Big, Be Anything

For 59 years, Barbie has inspired kids to dream big and be anything. She continues to reflect the world kids see around them with diverse fashionista dolls and a variety of accessories that promote inclusion and endless possibilities for play.

Throughout 2020, Mattel is adding more diversity to the Fashionistas line with dolls with vitiligo and wheelchairs as well as a girl who wears a gold prosthetic leg.

She’s ready to play!

The Barbie Fashionistas line offers endless possibilities for open-ended play. Kids 3 years old and up can explore different styles, tell stories and imagine their own worlds! Designed to reflect the world kids see today, the diverse collection includes a mix of body types, skin tones, eye colors, hair color and textures, and outfits that inspire fashion exploration.

The first-ever doll representing a person with Down syndrome, this Barbie Fashionista was crafted in partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society. The doll’s pink ankle foot orthoses and white platform shoes match her floral dress and bob haircut, and she wears a necklace with three arrows that represent the third 21st chromosome individuals with Down syndrome have.

Mattel worked closely with experts in the field to sculpt a face, body sculpt and outfit that accurately portrays people with Down syndrome. The newest Barbie Fashionistas doll is part of a growing line that includes a variety of disabilities, such as one with a prosthetic leg and another wearing hearing aids.

She’s a fashionista!

Fashionistas have lots of ways to express their style. They wear fashionable outfits in a range of colors and styles. This doll’s pink halter dress and blue skirt have colorful floral prints. A silvery bangle adds glam to her look. Purple sneakers complete her fun outfit.

She has baby pink hair that was a little frizzy straight out of the box but a spritz of water and quick combing helped fix that. She also has pierced ears and wears a pair of Barbie sunglasses and knee-high Roman sandals.

When ‘Busy Gal’ Barbie hit shelves in the early ’60s, she showed girls that they could be anything they wanted to be. From a fashion designer in a red two-piece skirt and jacket to a registered nurse and American Airlines stewardess, Barbie has kicked some serious career goals. This year, more options were added to inspire kids’ imaginations. More variety makes collecting Barbie Fashionistas even more fun!

She’s a dreamer!

Barbie is always looking for the next fashion trend to inspire her style. She rocks a striped dress with denim skirt, white shoes and a pair of sunglasses to show off her fun style. Kids can switch up Barbie doll’s look in an instant with the fashion accessories included in this set – 4 more pairs of shoes, 3 purses, a pair of sunglasses and a statement necklace.

Designed to reflect the world kids see today, this diverse line of Barbie fashionistas offers endless possibilities for real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams! This Barbie doll has a pink ankle foot orthoses and a pink bracelet with arrows that symbolise Down syndrome. She also has a sash with a purple and blue design to show her support of the community. The reusable packaging makes it easy for kids to store and carry the fashions and accessories (each sold separately, subject to availability). Collect them all to expand the possibilities!

She’s a fashionista with a disability!

Barbie has long been criticized for her California girl looks with unrealistic proportions, but Mattel (MAT) is making great strides to be more inclusive of kids. Their newest additions are a doll with Down syndrome and another that uses a wheelchair.

The company worked with the National Down Syndrome Society on the design of the doll and included meaningful symbols on her outfit like butterflies and the arrows that symbolize Down syndrome awareness. The doll also wears pink ankle foot orthotics that represent the footwear worn by many people with Down syndrome.

The wheelchair-using doll is the latest addition to Barbie’s most inclusive line ever, which includes a doll with vitiligo, dolls that use a wheelchair or prosthetic leg and a doll without hair. The new Fashionista dolls are designed to reflect the world kids see today and offer endless possibilities for storytelling and fashion exploration. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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