Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween! Today is possibly my favourite day of the year, so to celebrate I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite spooky treats …

Don’t Dream It sweatshirt from Skreened

Some of my favourite Halloween memories are of dressing up in a corset, fishnets and Timewarping along to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it’s practically a foregone conclusion that I’d love this sweatshirt from Skreened with a quote from the fabulous Frank N Furter. Don’t dream it, be it!


The Grace Leggings by Lexie Sport

I’m sure I’m not along in enjoying the chance to vamp up my wardrobe on Halloween. These very sexy leggings from Lexie Sport mean that I don’t have to stop vamping when I hit the gym.


Mantra yoga vest by Sweaty Betty

I love Sweaty Betty’s super comfortable Mantra yoga vest at any time of the year, but the delicious bright orange is a nice seasonal twist.


Trick or Treat tshirt from ASOS

I’ve seen a few CĂ©line parody tshirts, but this Halloween offering from ASOS is by far my favourite. Definitely a treat!

I haven’t actually been trick or treating for years, but these are the kind of treats I’d like in my goodie bag.


TORQ Fitness Rhubarb & Custard Energy Gel

If you haven’t tried TORQ energy gels yet then you are missing out! I’ve tried a lot of brands of energy gels but TORQ is the only brand that I actually find really enjoyable rather than just tolerable. My favourite flavour is the Rhubarb & Custard, which tastes just like the retro boiled sweets.


Wheyhey Protein Icecream

While I’m talking about tasty sports nutrition products, I have to mention Wheyhey high protein ice cream. That’s right, high protein ice cream. I can legitimately eat ice cream after the gym!

I’m not going to any Halloween parties this year (sob, sob) but that means I’m able to explore something even better. Boom! Cycle‘s Halloween Ride – a spooky, sweaty 90 minute session. Bearing in mind how much I love their Hip Hop Ride, you can imagine how excited I am about this!

I’ll also be spending a significant amount of time listening to my Halloween Playlist and Spooky Stretch Playlist