Thirteen things I did in Las Vegas

In Vegas and In Love

1. Played the slots
2. Played blackjack in a casino (much more exciting and worth losing $20)
3. Pretended to be in Ocean’s Eleven while watching the Bellagio fountains
4. Ate lunch in St Mark’s Square and watched gondolas paddling on the canals on the first floor of The Venetian (ridiculous but fabulous)
5. Saw my first Cirque du Soleil show (not bad, but I wish I hadn’t heard so much hype beforehand)
6. Watched high-kicking, bejeweled, befeathered, ultra-kitsch showgirls at Jubilee! (way more fun)
7. Ate an obscene amount of buttermilk pancakes for breakfast (yummy)
8. Rode out to bat country in a Mustang convertible with the top down (very cool)
9. Bought a Squishee Slushie from a Kwikee Mart 7-11
10. Hiked in the desert (breathtaking, figuratively and literally)
11. Got complimented on my red Nikon by Elvis (he’s alive and appreciating good camera equipment by the Vegas sign)
12. Stood on a piece of glass 4000ft above the Grand Canyon (terrifying)
13. Got engaged (best thing ever)