On Run Motivation



What keeps you motivated to keep going during a tough run? For me it’s a kick-ass playlist and playing games of catch with random people ahead of me.

Today double Olympic Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead will finish his epic 40 marathons in 40 days challenge, which saw him run from John O’Groats to Land’s End in order to raise money for Scope and Sarcoma UK.

Richard said that his biggest challenge during the 40 days was to overcome boredom, so his sponsors rigged up a trailer with a screen ahead of him so that he could watch his favourite running film – Chariots of Fire – while he ran. (I think if I had to chose a film to watch while running it would be Run Lola Run, which also has an excellent soundtrack)

I always appreciate the support of people who turn out to watch races and keep cheerful in the face of terrible weather conditions, but the cast of The Last Leg went one better and performed live action charades to keep Richard going – which surely has to be a first?

For more information on the run and to find out how to get involved, please go to www.richardwhiteheadrunsbritain.com You can follow Richard’s progress on twitter from @marathonchamp using the hashtag #richruns