Tuesday Trials ~ Birchbox x Color Club Wanderlust Nail Collection



I’m a bit of a beauty box addict. I love getting exciting post (amongst all the junk mail and boring brown envelopes) and ever since I discovered that for the price of a couple of Pret sandwiches I could have a box of new beauty products delivered to my door, I’ve been hooked on them.

One of the things I love about the service (apart from the change in my normal post) is that they give me the chance to try products that I would never usually consider – this week’s case in point and these ultra-bright nail polish colours from Color Club available from Birchbox.

As I’ve been out of action for the past week recovering from my operation, I have had a long time to revisit the contents of my last few beauty boxes and play with all the products I’d consigned to the “not for me – maybe regift?” pile. I have given myself more pedicures in the last 6 days than the previous 6 months – my feet have never been so pampered!
I don’t usually wear such bright colours, but After days of enforced inactivity I had worked my way through the neutrals and reds.
The Wanderlust Collection polishes were twinkling luridly at me from their packaging, daring me to experiment, and I thought “what the hell, if anyone laughs I can always blame this decision on the codeine”

I have a few reasons for usually steering clear of bright nail polish colours;

1. my skin is so fair I think they make me look a bit washed out
2. my hands are pretty small and because I box a lot, I keep my fingernails short – I think wearing anything other than clear/pale polish makes my fingers look a bit short and stumpy
3. because I run a lot, I’m used to having slightly battered feet and bruised toenails, which I cover up with dark red polish

I tried Reign In Spain – bright coral – and Pardon My French – zingy lavender – and you know what? these polishes have gone a long way to overcoming my neon nail prejudice.

Neither made my skin look washed out, instead they seem to have emphasised an an underlying sallow tone and made me look slightly tanned.

I was concerned that the bright colours might look cheap and tacky, but applied carefully on short, neatly filed nails I think they add a pleasing pop of juicy summer colour.

I started each mani/pedi with a base coat of Mod In Manhattan – a milky off-white – followed by two coats of the neon shade. The first coat of each was not enough to get the depth of colour or opaque finish that I wanted, but after the second coat I thought my nails looked pretty snazzy.

I definitely think I will wear these bright shades again. I’m not sure that either of them are dark enough to cover up bruised toenails, but I do think my neon manicures added a bit of fun to my rather utilitarian nails.

The Wanderlust Collection costs £10 and is available from Birchbox sadly I didn’t manage to take photos of my neon mani but take a look at this fabulous review from Beauty Rambles or for a different take on the neon mani My Highest Self