The Hannibal Diet



I am a huge fan of Thomas Harris and after the disaster that was Hannibal Rising I’ve really been enjoying the new NBC series Hannibal, which focuses on the pre-Red Dragon relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. Tonight’s episode – Fromage – apparently has one of the most gruesome murders of the series, so once again I find that I’m on The Hannibal Diet.

It’s called The Hannibal Diet because I’m lot more careful with my Tuesday night meal planning than any other day of the week. At first, I thought I’d be safe if I stuck to vegetarian dishes, then I watched episode two (Amuse-Bouche aka The One With The Mushroom People) and really regretted the mushroom omelette I’d eaten earlier. Bleugh!

Here are my three top tips for anyone else inadvertently following The Hannibal Diet.

1. Eat early. Aim to finish your dinner a good 2 – 3 hours before Hannibal is broadcast.
2. Stick to light, bland, easily identifiable food and clear liquids. If ever there was a time to avoid dishes with indeterminate ingredients then this is it.
3. Serving suggestion – keep a large cushion handy. Hide behind if Hannibal’s latest creation is a little too reminiscent of your last dinner.

Bon appétit!