Playlist Thursday : It Runs In The Family



Playlist Thursday is back! I’ve really missed the weekly themes so super-excited to get started on this week’s playlist (which is actually from last week – I was having a bit of a crisis and didn’t get it posted) – which is It runs in the family

Something Old

Artist Queens Of The Stone Age

Title No One Knows

Side Note I love this song for pacing, the beat is like a metronome until it goes crazy (and then I just have to speed up)

Quotable Oh what you do to me, no one knows

Something New

Artist Queens Of The Stone Age

Title My God Is The Sun

Side Note They’re back! I’m so excited for the release of their new album – …Like Clockworkon 4th June – but in the mean time doesn’t this feel like a bit of a family reunion? They’ve even got Dave Grohl back on drums.

Quotable Far beyond the desert road, where everything hangs off

Something To Consider

Artist The Distillers

Title City of Angels

Side Note Thought Josh Homme was pretty badass? Check out his awesome wife! I love her gravelly vocals on this track, perfect for running fast

Quotable I take a scar every time I cry, cos it ain’t my style, no it ain’t my style