Hump Day Update

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I thought I’d post a little mid-week training update, I’ve been quite remiss with getting my week in review updates done every Sunday (in fact the last one was back in November, how bad is that?!) but I’ve happily settled in to my new training routine now so normal service should return soon.

So far, this week is all about pain. Good pain and bad pain.

I gave myself a day off on Monday because my muscles were still a bit sore from the Longleat 10km on Sunday. Not the overall heavy soreness that follows longer distance races, but a specific soreness in certain spots on my calves and left hip. That kind of pain is a useful diagnostic tool, it’s no surprise to me that I have tightness around the site of my old injuries, but it’s interesting to note that this tightness returns after a relatively short race. It’s a good prompt to continue with rehab and working on strengthening those areas, and also a check to my long distance ambitions. Recently, I’ve felt like every other runner in the UK is getting ready for a marathon or half marathon while I’m playing around with 10kms. I was very tempted to sign up for late entry to a half marathon in March but it’s just not worth it, I’m not completely back to base fitness yet and it would be stupid to sacrifice my long-term goal of going sub-4 hours in the Paris marathon next year for a mediocre half marathon performance and yet another training set back.

Tuesday was back to my normal training regime with Powerplates at lunchtime and boxing after work. I often find myself working out twice a day, partly because a quickie workout at lunchtime gets me away from my desk when I need a break and partly because I’m on a mission to get down to racing weight this year and every workout counts.
I cut my lip in boxing class, right before we started a HIIT style workout of bag work and circuit exercises (burpees and squat thrusts, my most hated exercises!). It was quite a dramatic final ten minutes for me, hammering the bag for 30 seconds and using the 10 second rests to wipe blood from my mouth. I would have felt quite tough if I didn’t feel so stupid. Stupid because my cut lip was a result of trying to fasten the Velcro on my gloves with my teeth, I must have grazed it somehow. At least this happened in boxing class, I once cut my lip on a piece of bread (it was French bread! And it was the extra crusty end piece of the loaf, but still – who injures themselves on baked goods?). Luckily, I didn’t split my lip, so it should heal quite quickly. The only downside is that I can’t eat oranges because the citrus juice stings – a lot!

So far Wednesday isn’t quite so painful. I joined Moose X-Training for a lunchtime run session, new trainer Toby led us through a fairly intense workout including some sprints. That was a bit painful but in a good way! The kind that has me gasping for air as soon as I finish the sprint but ready to rock again a minute or so later. One thing I really need to do is get into a routine of doing speedwork, I get so lazy with it because I find it difficult and then kid myself that another easy 5km will be better for my training. I’m looking forward to using my weekly sessions with the Moose to whip me into shape.

Today is also my mum’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mum!! She’s already opened her birthday presents (including a luxury yoga mat from Manduka and gorgeous mat bag from Yoga Malai) but the second part of her present from me is more of a birthday threat than birthday treat.
I have a fitness resolution to make my mum more active this year. She’s already quite good as she walks a lot, goes for a weekly run with my aunt and is willing to listen to my fitness ideas, but she doesn’t follow any kind of training plan nor do any strength training. I’m going to start off by getting her involved with my Pilates Challenge and picking out a 10km race for us to do together this year. She’s pretty scared by the idea of 10km, but we did a 5km together last year which she found tough, but I know she can do it.

I’m cooking dinner for her tonight, which is the perfect opportunity to try out my new Kenwood Chef (I won the New Year Revolution competition and this was my prize from the lovely people at I never thought the day would come when I would get excited about a kitchen gadget. Truly, times have changed!