Julia Buckley – The Hot Body Manifesto (or … indulging my Dragon’s Den fantasy)


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I love Kickstarter. It’s such a great way to support new and exciting projects and if I’m honest, I love that it lets me feel like one of the multi-millionaire investors on Dragon’s Den for the price of a Starbucks coffee run. (Sadly, I have yet to make an investment decision with a stack of £50 notes sitting in front of me. I have to make do with tapping my Barclaycard against my desk while mulling over the decision).

Julia Buckley Kickstarter The Hot Body Manifesto


(yes that is a gold glitter gel pen, and what of it?)

Today I said “I’m in!” to The Hot Body Manifesto, a new project from superstar fat loss expert Julia Buckley. The idea for The Hot Body Manifesto grew out of the huge number of requests that Julia received for a “diet plan” to go alongside her fantastic fat loss fitness programs, in particular the best selling 12 week The Fat Burn Revolution.  However, Julia wants to give her readers something much more powerful than a what boils down to follow someone else’s diet plan for three months, she wants to empower people by giving them the tools they need to make real changes for themselves.

This concept is really interesting and being a big fan of The Fat Burn Revolution, I am happy to support this project too, but the most exciting part is the chance to get involved from the very first stages and help to shape the project. Funding has been framed as the opportunity to purchase the ebook at the “backer rate” of £7, although there are many opportunities available to enhance your backer experience up to personal training sessions with Julia, to star in one of her fitness videos or to receive bespoke online workout videos created just for you.

If this is starting to sound intriguing then please check out Julia’s Kickstarter page to find out more.


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