My Favourite Lazy Morning Breakfast – Mushrooms On Toast


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Mushroom Toast


This is my favourite breakfast to linger over on lazy mornings, something that I really enjoy on Christmas morning too. I know it doesn’t look that pretty but trust me, it tastes amazing!


  • 200g mushrooms, cut into slices (I know that sounds like a lot of mushrooms but it really is just enough for one person)
  • Half a vegetable stock cube dissolved in 100ml of boiling water
  • Two tablespoons of low fat soft cheese (I usually use Philadelphia Extra Light)


In a large frying pan, simmer the mushrooms in the vegetable stock for about 5 minutes

Drain excess liquid and add the soft cheese to the pan, stirring well until the mixture thickens

Serve over toast (this is also a delicious as a mushroom sauce with steak)


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