Runspiration: Disneyland Paris Half Marathon


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Earlier today Becca and I headed down to Brighton in order to cheer on Mollie in the Brighton Half Marathon (Mollie ran an awesome PB by the way – congratulations!).

I had no plans to tackle an endurance event in the near future, this year I really want to focus on what I’ll call future-proofing both my body & lifestyle and have not entered any races longer than 10km, but I started to feel quite envious of all the runners out on the course and very inspired by the number of people sharing their PB results on Twitter (shout out to Beki and Elle!). My fingers were starting to itch at the thought of pulling up the Runner’s World Race Calendar and seeing what was going on later in the year.

So, when I got home and saw the news about the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon I got quite excited. Ever since I first discovered that you can enter races at Walt Disney World, I have lusted after the half marathon finisher’s Donald Duck medal, but unfortunately a trip to Florida has not been within budget so I had shelved these plans until I wasn’t in the middle of getting married or moving house and had a couple of grand spare (so likely never). But Disneyland Paris … that’s a much more affordable option.

There is actually very limited information at the moment, the only thing that has been confirmed is that the “running weekend” will take place from 23 to 25 September 2016. No information about prices (I’m hoping at least “cheaper than Florida”), events on the schedule and most importantly for me will I get a medal shaped like Donald Duck? I imagine that there will be fierce competition for places, particularly if the reaction from the London run bloggers is anything to go by, but if there is a Donald Duck medal in it then I’m ready to lace up my trainers, sharpen my elbows, and fight my way to a place.

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon September 2016


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