Banana Disaster


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I got a lot of kitchen gadgets for Christmas this year and have been experimenting with making healthier versions of my favourite carb-heavy foods. My favourite so far is the peeler reminiscent of a pencil sharpener which I use to make vegetable ribbons for stir fries and salads and courgalatelli (it’s a bit too flat to be courgetti). In fact the courgalatelli turned out so well that I revisited my egg fried cauliflower rice a couple of times and was starting to feel very smug indeed about my bad carb avoidance scheme.

Inspired by the ease of preparation and successful of attempting these Pinterest-favourites, I excitedly announced that I was going to make banana ice cream.

I followed a recipe from a random blog I found that was full of amazing photos of different flavours of banana ice cream, and it seemed ridiculously easy – peel, slice and freeze bananas then blend them up to a smooth, silky, ice cream consistency. It should only take a few minutes – my kind of cooking!

Disaster. It turned into my very own episode of Will It Blend? and the answer is “not really”.

The recipe said to freeze the bananas for 24 hours, when I got them out of the freezer they were completely solid. Neither LD’s poor little hand blender nor my big beast of a Kenwood Chef could cope with the bananary blocks of ice. Both blenders made horrendous noises that sounded like I was killing them – I was convinced that our neighbours would be round to complain – and the banana that did sort of blend ended up coating almost everything in the kitchen. Ick.

Throughout this process LD kept saying “this isn’t real, it’s something that people on the Internet have made up” and finally, as we were scrubbing every kitchen surface clean of slimy banana residue “can we please agree that we are never going to make banana ice cream again?”

This clip pretty much sums up how I was feeling at the end of the banana ice cream disaster – why doesn’t mine look like that?!? indeed.

However, I’m stubborn and don’t want to admit that I’ve been defeated by a bowl of ice cream. I know that it must be possible to make because I’ve seen approximately 6984327 photos of it on Instagram, Pinterest etc and I refuse to believe that all these people have industrial strength blenders. So this is a bit of a cry for help – if you’ve successfully made banana ice cream how did you do it?


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