Extreme Inferno : Day Five (Double Trouble)


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Friday is where I deviated from the plan a bit. I was working from home in the morning and had taken the afternoon off as I wanted to check out a new restaurant for lunch. Knowing that I had planned a lazy weekend with my fiancé, I decided to do the Friday workout – NExA – first thing in the morning and the Saturday workout – Metasculpt II – in the afternoon.
In retrospect not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, here’s how it all turned out.


NExA stands for No Excuses, Anywhere and – with the exception of the (optional) pull-up training- you really can do this 30 minute fat blasting workout anywhere as it requires no equipment.
It is a circuit of five moves (six with the pull ups) to be repeated four times. When I read ahead and saw what this workout involved, I cockily thought that it didn’t look too hard. Ha! By the end of the second circuit I was shivering and shaking like a jelly and on the final set of leg raises (performed while hanging from the pull up bar), I sort of hung limply like a pathetic piece of laundry.

Luckily I had lots of time to recover before making my 3 second commute to work that morning – I love working from home!

Later that afternoon I headed over to Leadenhall Market for a late lunch with my bestie at Hai Street Kitchen & Co.


I’ll be writing a longer post about Hai Street Kitchen later but suffice to say my lunch was delicious!

Feeling very well-fed I headed home for a 90 minute break to digest my lunch and catch up on the tennis


And THEN I tacked Metasculpt II.

Metasculpt II

After Tuesday’s Metasculpt session, I decided to start with weights that were a little bit lighter and I’m SO glad I did! My whole body was still a bit shaky from the morning session and I found some of the bodyweight exercises to be MUCH harder than usual. I think I could have lifted heavier weights if I was coming to this workout fresh, so while I’m glad that I did some planning in advance and got the workout done instead of leaving it, I’m also a bit annoyed that I thought I knew better than the expert.

Going forward I need to make more effort to include EI workouts in my day, rather than fit them around my social life.


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